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How to get off the floor if you fall

Every decade after we hit 30 years old, we can all lose up to 8 % of muscle mass, by the time we are 80 we could have lost up to 40% of our muscle strength. There is a simple answer which takes a little time but is very effective. Exercise.

Muscle weakness can have a life changing impact as we increase in age, as a loss of strength reduces our balance. A fall can be a disaster for some older people as can lead to a broken bone and further muscle weakness, it can lead to a stay in hospital and a further reduction in the ability to be independent.

Muscle weakness also reduces our ability to do simple everyday activities, such as get in and out of a chair, climb the stairs, get in and out of the bath. Often people start to reduce how often they do these things as they are such an effort, but that leads to even more weakness.

The good news is there is an answer, we should all carry out strength exercises at least twice a week and this will not only maintain our muscle power BUT if you keep building up how hard you work you will reverse muscle power changes. See our next blog for exercise ideas.

This video shows you a method for getting off the floor if you do find yourself there.