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Are you gym ready?

Pickwick Physio’s have had a brilliant week welcoming people back to First Step Gym. Pickwick Physio has remained open since June 2020 but we have missed the buzz of the gym. It has been quiet doing our clinics here and we have really enjoyed the return of the hum of people’s voices and the sound of the treadmills, weights being used and the music blaring out.

Is your body gym ready?

It has been nearly 6 months since last stepping into a gym, bench pressing or getting on the watt bike. Although we may have developed our home routines and for some, even kitted our garages out with weights and machines. For many, we will have become deconditioned as we have not been stimulating our muscles or cardiovascular system on a daily/weekly basis. As we return to our gym routines, we need to mindful of not going too hard too fast.

Essentially our muscles and tendons do not like surprises and are prone to injury when training loads suddenly change or exceed their capacity. So, a classic mistake would be a yo-yo-ing exercise pattern that involves periods of relative inactivity followed by a spike in training volume or intensity. Let’s make sure that you don’t end up being injured in the first couple of weeks and not being able to train.

Top tips to keep you training!

  1. Do not start where you left off.
  2. Build it back up slowly- think about load, time, and speed of your exercise.
  3. Rest days- allow your body time to recovery.
  4. Set a realistic plan/goal- this will help you to stop getting carried away.
  5. Cross train to add variety.
  6. Enjoy it!!!

If you feel a niggle, what should you do?

Ease back for a few days, most injuries settle within 3-5days if you reduce or stop exercising. If you can keep exercising with minimal discomfort that is ideal. If pain persists after that point nip it in the bud, have a sports massage, discuss your programme with the personal trainers at the gym or book in to see our Physiotherapy team in Corsham. As Chartered Physiotherapists we can diagnose, treat, and then guide you with your rehab and future training plan.

Welcome back!