Today was International Older Peoples day.
Did you know after the age of 30 we lose 3-5% of muscle mass every year! Walking and gardening doesn’t provide sufficient exercise to strengthen our muscles and bones.

This has implications for our risk of falls and fractures as we age. Undertaking a daily exercise programme can stop this decline in its tracks.

Here are 5 ideas for you to try, all you need is a strip of resistance band 1 metre in length and a secure door handle.
You may need to start with smaller movements than on the video initially.

Strength exercise will make you feel some mild discomfort often a burning sensation in your muscles at the time and you may feel slightly achy afterwards. However, the rewards will be more strength over time, making you more able to start new activities or keep doing the things you love.

If you want to start strength work but this set of exercises doesn’t suit you, give us a call we are more than happy to help get you active. It’s never too late to start exercising!

Keep on eye on this blog for a leg strengthening exercise set next.
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