This month the government has published its new guidelines on physical activity. The paper recommends including exercises and activities that will help maintain and if needed to develop balance, to prevent falls and promote confidence to stay engaged in all of your activities you enjoy and need to do.

Balance is the ability to remain steady or upright. This is often related to being able to react to changes in direction and being able to right oneself. As our muscle mass reduces with age, so does our ability to balance. Balance can be trained we can train it by taking ourself to the point of wobble with control then righting oneself.

Pickwick Physiotherapy often are asked to help people when they are feeling less steady than previously or after they have had a fall. We help people in Corsham, Melksham, Chippenham and all the villages in between to develop their balance so they can continue doing all the activities they have to do and want to do. We have put together a short video to help you get started, the idea is to do the exercises twice a week at a minimum. Everyone is different so some people will be able to repeat an exercise 20 times another will manage 3 times, count the number of times you can do the movement until you start to feel wobbly and perhaps need to put your hand out to support you more or increase the pressure in the supporting hand.

If you are unsure then please let us help you get the most out of your life.

To book an appointment with our freindly team call 01249 588008 or book online. We have two Clinic locations in Corsham, only 10 minutes from Chippenham and Melksham.