If you are struggling to get the message across to your older friends or relatives about how vital it is that they include exercise in their life. Please ask them to take a few moments to watch this video. It will hopefully give them the inspiration to get started and exercise. Especially as we know every decade after we hit 30 years old, we can all lose up to 8 % of muscle mass, by the time we are 80 we could have lost up to 40% of our muscle strength. Exercise needs to be part of all of our lives to ensure we live well and independently. I hope this Santa delivers a message that could be a life changer!

If you want a hard copy of these exercises you can print them out from this link.

If the exercises in the film don’t meet you or your friend/family members needs please get in touch. We will all be more than happy help you reverse any muscle weakness and keep you active. Don’t let muscle weakness impact your independence.

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