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Ever heard of your posterior chain?

So, what is the posterior chain? The posterior chain are the muscles that run from your back of your shoulders all the way down to your heels. It typically includes your long back muscles, gluts, hamstring and calves, as well as the muscles on the back of your shoulders, traps, lat dorsi and rhomboids.

Now these muscles all have their individual role in moving the body but as a group they serve a common function to help generate and apply explosive power which is important for all components of everyday life, such as picking something up from floor and getting out of chair, but also in activities that involve jumping and running fast.

Often these muscle groups get neglected and we tend to find in physiotherapy assessments that these muscles are often weak in comparison to the muscles in the front of our bodies such as our thigh or front of chest muscles.

By strengthening your posterior chain you will:

  • Improve posture
  • Decrease your risk of injury
  • Run faster
  • Increase your explosive power for lifting weights
  • Make everyday life a breeze

We will be focusing and posting our favourite exercises for strengthening the key components of the posterior chain in the next blogs. So why not give it a go and try our ideas, If you need a more individual programme ask a personal trainer, gym instructor or book in with one of the Pickwick Physiotherapy team in Corsham.