Jane Clarke - Pickwick Physiotherapy

Jane Clarke

Practice Principal

Why did you become a Physio?

I have always loved talking to people, then in my first year of GCSE PE we studied the human body and I was hooked, I have never wanted to do anything else!

What do you enjoy treating?

I get really good outcomes with sports injuries such as achilles and plantar fascia pain, knee injuries and lateral hip pain, I also have had some good successes with throwers and swimmers with shoulder pain.

What’s your favourite part of the job?

Meeting people, listening to what they want and working together to create a plan they stick to. My favourite part is when someone comes in and they have stuck to the plan, even better they have progressed the plan and are seeing progress, there is nothing quite like that shared moment of success.

What’s the most adventurous thing you have ever done?

I love hill walking, especially in the lake district, if its a sheer edge I love it! I remember walking up lords rake on Scafell in the snow, and wondering who had the mobile phone (it was a while ago- we had only had 1 phone in the group) and hope the phone holder didn’t fall!

What’s your favourite meal?

Its got to be a roast dinner, cooked by me! Although I am partial to a bacon sandwich!!

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Jane Clarke - Pickwick Physiotherapy
Jane Clarke - Pickwick Physiotherapy