Rachel Stephens - Pickwick Physiotherapy

Rachel Stephens

Specialist Physiotherapist

Why did you become a Physio?

The biggest reason is I wanted to help people, to make their life better and really importantly reduce pain. I love people working with people and understanding what they want from their body and what isn’t working for them.

What do you enjoy treating?

I see significant changes in pain when I work with people with neck and shoulder issues. I have expertise in helping our older clients who are struggling with muscle weakness or balance issues. I also get great results from treating hockey and multi-directional sport injuries, (it must be the years stood next to the hockey pitch watching my girls!). I also have a rather unusual specialism which is treating people with chest issues, such as shortness of breath, build up of secretions etc. I have lots of successful techniques that help people with long-term respiratory problems.

What’s your favourite part of the job?

I love chatting and creating a relationship with people, I find it so rewarding when my hands-on treatment and/or acupuncture skills reduces someone’s pain there and then.

What’s the most adventurous thing you have ever done?

Adventurous and me are words not used together!!! I have loved walking through Tuscany and white water rafting in Spain. But my biggest triumph…. is my rather fantastic 3 girls!

What’s your favourite Meal?

Fruit especially canned peaches!

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Rachel Stephens - Pickwick Physiotherapy
Rachel Stephens - Pickwick Physiotherapy