Sports injuries

We quickly diagnose the problem and provide hands on treatment. With access to First Step Gym, rehab is progressive and constantly evolves to meet your needs. We aim to enable you to carry on taking part in your sport whilst rehabing alongside.

Back and neck physio

Our expert Physio’s focus on quickly reducing your back and/or neck pain, improving your movement and helping you get back to normal life. Our exceptional hands on treatment and bespoke exercise and lifestyle advice will get you better fast.

Arthritis and post-op rehab

The key to managing arthritis is finding a way to exercise, we help reduce your pain so you can. Many of our patients find they never need surgery. If you do, we help you build up movement, strength and function, so you are better than before!

Balance and mobility

Every decade after we hit 30 years old, we can lose up to 8% of muscle mass, by the time we are 80 we could have lost up to 40% of our muscle strength, affecting balance. Physio can help by providing bespoke exercise in a supportive environment.

Women's health

This is a specialist area where we care for women with pelvic floor issues, prolapse, pelvic or back pain, and tummy diastasis during or after pregnancy. We offer 2 types of assessment; new mummy MOT and women’s health for longer standing issues.

We also offer...

  • Shoulder and elbow rehab
  • Acupuncture for pain relief
  • Chest/ Respiratory Physio for patients with long term issues, for example COPD and Asthma.

Still not sure if we can help?

Please call on 01249 588008 and talk to us about your needs